Your Trusted Metal Fabrication, Installation, and Design Service Provider

We Have Been Serving the Food Industry Since 1986

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Custom Metal Fabrication Services for Your Equipment

Located in Battlefield, Missouri, FBN Metal Products has been providing custom metal fabrication, installation, and design services to the food industry since 1986. Aside from that, we also specialize in stainless steel and offer standard stock products and equipment with the highest quality.

Helping You Maintain Your Company’s Performance

Here at FBN Metal Products, we understand that your company’s equipment must be kept running. That’s why our field crew is dedicated to providing you the services necessary to keep your facility’s peak performance and optimal production capacity.

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Safe and Sanitary

At a time when the food industry is growing faster than ever, you can rely on us to bring you the right equipment you need to keep your customers satisfied. We also make sure our metal fabrication builds to meet the USDA and FDA requirements so you can expect safe and sanitary equipment every time.


Our full-service company is always ready to serve. Whether you need us on-site or in our facility, we can repair, modify, or install your machinery in no time.

Let Us Work for You

For the best custom metal fabrication services at a good price, reach out to us today. Our team of experts will be more than happy to serve you.